Wednesday, November 17

Day 4 : Favorite photograph of your best friend

I'm not that choosy when selecting who's gonna be my best friend. I'm not like Paris Hilton who made a reality show to find her best friend. A reality show just to find your best friend? Oh please. By the way, for me, everyone or anything that walk into my life, I will consider him or her as my best friend.

As for my favorite photograph of my best friend, It will be unwise of me to pick one of my many great best friends. It will be unfair to the rest of them if I choose only one. Therefore I choose...

Jingga !! My lovely but lazy cat.

I choose Jingga because, he always make me laugh, he always lick my finger, and he always there for me wherever troubles find me. Looking into his small eyes somehow, make me calm. He is also very noisy. Whenever he step into my house, he never stop meow. He used to be a very fat cat like Garfield, but now... he is more into masculine thing.

For a cat, orange mean royalty. No wonder why my cat act like a king when it come to food. He does not eat Frieskies, he does not eat Tuna, he does not eat bone of a KFC chicken, and obviously he does not eat anything from the rubbish. But, a royalty or not, a hungry cat will act like a hungry cat. He ate everything I mention above, but of course, that is after 2 hours of meow-ing at me, trying to seduce me to give him nasi goreng pattaya I think.

He is 2 and a half year now and nothing will stop him from growing older and stronger. Oh, did I mention that Jingga is like Ryu from Street Fighter? Jingga love to fight. He fight for something called 'cat justice'. Once there was this black cat meow-ing at my kitchen. My grandma trying to get rid of him, but that black cat just too fast for my grandma. Then out of nowhere, Jingga came and slash that cat with his almighty claw. That black cat ran away and never meow at my kitchen ever again.

Jingga is adorable, yet deadly.

By the way, the picture above is not actually Jingga (my cat). It was a random cat from Google. Sorry if I broke the rule, but I just cannot follow a rule that go against my superstitious. I have this superstitious that if I capture a photo of a cat, that cat life will be shortened. If you do not know what I mean... that cat will died sooner or later. It is just my superstitious anyway. You don't have to believe it if you want.

p/s: friendship is fragile. handle your friendship with care.