Wednesday, August 4

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time,

In a neighborhood far far away. Lived a girl name Yana. Yana is a very wealthy girl. She can have all the things that she want. She is blessed with angelic face, hair and voice. Loved by all the people in her neighborhood... except only one people. Her boyfriend, named Hector. Hector is rich, superbly handsome, and yet very unkind. He never love Yana the same way that Yana love him. Yana aware of this. But Yana is so kind (or naive) she actually think everyone need some time before falling in love. Yana will do anything to get Hector's love.

In the same neighborhood, lived a loveless boy. His name is Prince. Prince never felt being in love before. Therefore he had a hard time dealing with any girl in his neighborhood. One day, Prince decide to take a walk at the neighborhood park. There, he meet one girl. That girl is Yana. Yana is looking very sad, and seems to look at her cell phone every now and then. A tears drop from Yana's eye touched Prince's heart.

So, Prince walk up to her and say,

"What make you crying?"

But Yana does not respond and keep looking at her cell phone. Prince looked confuse, and then he decide to walk away. While he walking away, he said,

"Sorry, I didn't know angels can cry..."

Suddenly, Yana stop crying and say,

"I'm not angel... I'm just a toy. A toy that can be cheated over and over again."

The Prince stop walking. He stood there for a second and look at Yana's eye. Yana looked very depressed. Normally, Prince would just walk away and pretend nothing ever happened. But this time, Prince was really touched by looking at Yana's angelic face. So, he decide he should stay there and talk with her until she cooled off.

From small conversation, turn into laughter. From laughter turn into hitting each other arm and so on. At that very moment, the Prince felt something that he never felt before - Love. It was fast, and the Prince never see it coming. But he know, Yana's heart is already made for somebody else. So, he kept it as a secret. As for Yana... Yes, her heart felt the same too. But her mind still think that one day Hector will stop cheating on her and love her so that they can start living together as a happy couple.

The day is getting dark.

It's been 3 hours since their first met.

They both should get home now. After exchanging phone numbers, they return to their home.

That night, the Prince cannot stop thinking of her. He cannot get Yana out of his mind. It was the first time that the Prince felt like this and it was very uncomfortable. "She is just some naive girl with a pretty face. There is plenty more girl better than her. Why her?" Nevertheless what the Prince said to himself, the Prince cannot wait to see her again.

At Yana's places. Tonight is not the same like every night before. Tonight, she confused whether to believe what her mind think or what her heart felt. "What to do? Should I continue to love someone who doesn't love me? I know forcing people to love me is bad. But... I really don't know what is the right thing to do right now." Before she goes to sleep, she normally text Hector a goodnight wish. But tonight, instead of Hector, she text the Prince.

It's been 12 hours since their first met.

Today, they will meet again. At the same spot - the park. It was a lovely evening. They take a walk around the park, enjoying the view, chit chatting, laugh and make love all at the same time. It is possible for two complete stranger to fall in love less than 24 hours. For Prince, it's like fairy tales come true. He never thought he could be with someone so beauty yet understand him. As for Yana, this is probably the right decision she ever made. Nothing in this world can describe how happy they are right now.

And then, there's Karma. Nothing is this world can escape Karma. Nothing in this world can stay happy forever.

At that very evening, 2 rapist came out of nowhere. They knock the Prince head from behind and take Yana away. The Prince did not turn unconscious, instead he chase the 2 rapist. He could never forgive himself if anything happened to Yana. One of the rapist turn to Prince and try to stab him using a knife. The Prince got stabbed at the stomach. It was painful. But not as painful as losing Yana. The Prince pull out the knife at his stomach, and punch the rapist that stab him in the face.

Yana was not far from the Prince. She was across the road. She saw the Prince got stabbed. She scream as loud as she can. The Prince could bear the wound anymore. He fall down to the ground as the blood pouring out of his body. This time, the Prince was knocked unconscious. She could not believe her eyes. She struggle as hard as she can to escape from the rapist grab. It was tough, but she managed to escape it. Without thinking, she immediately ran to the Prince at the other side of the road. Little did she know, there was a truck moving at a high speed toward her...

There he was, looking at the naive girl that he fallen in love to. Seeing his first love getting hit by a truck is obviously never crossed his mind.

There he was, thinking how the naive girl gave him so much hope and dream. Now that she was gone. All the hope and dream of her will turned into dust.

It's been 15 hours since their first met.

Loveless. Now that the Prince is all alone again. That 15 hours is probably the best part of his life.

... All he has to remember her is only her phone number.

"Fairy tales do come true. But not every Fairy tale ended with happy ending."



  1. and now i know, why are u saying that fairy tales come true when im asking u that day.. :)

  2. i loves this story~ it's so sad..T^T